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Looking for a fully equipped caravan to hire in the Kruger National Park?

You’ve just struck gold!

Why Camp?


Camping lets you experience the sights and sounds of nature and gives you choice as to where you can go and which site you pick.

Digital Detox

Get away from the distraction of television, social media and the constant harassment of a cellphone for a proper rest away from the pressures of daily life.

Family Tradition

Many people remember fondly trips with their parents or even grandparents. Days spent game viewing, chatting around the fire and preparing meals together.


Camp sites are more readily available than hotel rooms or chalets in the Kruger Park, making it easier to get what you want, where you want.


With the cost of holiday accommodation increasing, camping allows you to make your holiday that little bit longer without breaking the bank.


What would seem a chore at home can be a wonderful life lesson for kids. Teach them to make a fire, cook a steak, set a table and even clean up.


Family time is precious, and often far too interrupted these days. Spend time doing things together, talking and exploring common interests far from the pressures of work and technology.


A meal cooked outside and eaten under the stars is so much more memorable than one out of the kitchen, and far more fun to prepare together.


Think of the joys of treehouses, forts, tents in the garden and even sleeping in the playroom as a youngster. For many it’s simply in their blood!










Buying a decent caravan and camping equipment is expensive, especially if you’re only going to use it once or twice a year.


You are saved from having to dedicate a whole garage to housing your caravan and equipment.


Enjoy the convenience of somebody else maintaining the equipment and ensuring you have everything you need.


You get to upgrade your level of camping comfort without having to make a huge investment.


No need to worry about insurance costs.


No worrying that you might have forgotten to pack equipment, and even better, no clean up (then remembering to return everything to the caravan for next time).


Cost Saving

You save the cost of hiring the day before you travel to the Kruger Park, and an extra day of rental on the night you return home (most people leave home early and arrive back late – resulting in extra days of rental).

Simple Collection

You collect the caravans inside the Kruger Park, meaning you save on fuel and time, by not having to tow long distance, not to mention the ease of parking at filling stations and restaurants along the way. You can even fly in and hire a vehicle to tow your vehicle in the park.

Reduced Insurance and Breakage Deposits

You don’t pay excessive insurance and breakage deposits (most charge between R5k and R20k), because you aren’t going to be towing at high speed in dense traffic, or on rough roads, and we want to make camping more easily accessible to people like us. We charge a R2500 refundable deposit from which any insurance excess or breakages are deducted. You don’t pay a separate insurance fee, it is included in the rate.

No minimum length of stay

You can book for one night if that’s all the time you have, or for a whole month if you want to take your time exploring the Kruger Park. Many other rental companies insist on a minimum of a 3 night rental, but because we’re in the park you can still rent for a quick weekend nature fix.

Fixed Rates

You don’t pay higher rates in season – our rates are fixed all year round, plus you get a long stay discount for rentals of 7 nights or longer.

Peace of mind

You have the peace of mind of knowing the caravan and equipment is regularly checked, serviced and maintained.


We are inside the park to assist you if you have any problems with the equipment – including replacing a fridge/freezer if it malfunctions.


If you don’t want to set it up, or even tow it yourself, you can even book these additional services, rates vary based on the distance from Skukuza.

Comfort and Cleanliness


You are NOT obliged to return the Xplorer sparkling clean – we expect to do that for you.

Added extras

The water tank and gas bottles are filled for you – at no additional charge.


Your Xplorer is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable camp, based on years of camping experience and gadget and gizmo testing. This includes skottel braai, potjie pot, fridge/freezer, tables, chairs etc. Check out our inventory list.


A solar panel is available on request, and the Xplorer are kitted with a battery and inverter so you don’t lose comfort and functionality at camp sites that do not have electricity e.g. Tsendze and Balule, and a few of the other camps where some sites are without electricity.

Guided Setup

A video on how to set up the Xplorer will be sent to your phone, and an information booklet is provided in the Xplorer to help you find your away around if you’re doing it yourself. We also provide pre-towing checklists for your peace of mind.

Setting Up